Available year-round on-tap & in 6-packs

The Cold One

The Cold One

Colorado Craft Lager

ABV 5.2%

Blueberry Wheat

Blueberry Wheat

Wheat Ale with Blueberries

ABV 4.8%



Sour Ale with Lemon Verbena & Raspberries

ABV 5.0%

The Hoppy One

The Hoppy One

India Pale Ale

ABV 5.8%

Dr. Pat's Double IPA

Dr. Pat’s Double IPA

Double India Pale Ale

ABV 8.6%

Tasting Room Only

All Types of Beer for All Types of People.

With 40 taps, we have the capability to offer a variety of styles year-round, ranging from light to dark, sessionable to strong, and everything in between.

 Wheats, Lagers, Blondes, & Light Ales 

The Witty One: $6.00

American Wheat Ale | ABV 4.8%

The Weize One: $6.00

American-style Hefeweizen | ABV 4.8%

Saison Pants: $6.50

Pineapple Saison | ABV 6.0%

Half Nelson: $6.50

Single-hopped Saison | ABV 6.0%

La Pêche au Bois: $8.50

Imperial Peach Blonde Ale aged in Chardonnay Barrels  ABV 8.2%

Sirius: $6.00

Black Lager | ABV 6.6%

 Hoppy Ales & IPAs 

The Hoppy One: $6.00

Hoppy India Pale Ale.  ABV 5.8%

Chaotic Newtral: $6.50

Our New England IPA & Gose Hybrid with Tangerines. 

*Cans Available

 Reds, Coppers, and Brown Ales 

Habanero Hunny: $6.00

Red Ale brewed with Habanero Peppers & Lactose | ABV 7.1%

Habanero Hunny: $6.00

Red Ale brewed with Habanero Peppers & Lactose | ABV 7.1%

*Cans Available

Doctor’s Orders: $6.50

Abbey Ale | Fundraiser collaboration brew with Associates in Family Medicine | ABV 6.2%

 Stouts, Porters, & Strong Ales 

The Dark One: $6.00

Milk Stout – Contains Lactose | ABV 6.5%

One Knight Stand: $8.50

This Russian Imperial Stout, riding in at 13% ABV, has since been aging it in bourbon barrels for 1.5yrs to impart courageous flavors of bourbon and oak, which can guarantee pleasure from head to toe. With one sip, this bold beer’s rich, dark body and creamy brown head will be a One Knight Stand that will call you back for a second try. One Knight Stand is the first beer we brewed on our new 30BBL brewing system!

Barrel-Aged BlackStar Porter: $8.50

Rum Barrel-aged Porter brewed with Blackstrap Molasses  ABV 8%

Cherbocka: $6.50 ($1.00 off for Oktoberfest starting 9/17!)

Cherry Doppelbock | ABV 9%

The Destro: $6.50 ($1.00 off for Oktoberfest starting 9/17!)

Dunkel Marzen | ABV 8.5%

 Sour Ales 

Apra Kadabra: $8.50

Kettle Sour Imperial Blonde Ale aged in Chardonnay Barrels with Apricots | ABV 8.2%

Cordially Tart: $6.50

Blended Barrel-aged Dark Kettle Sour Ale with Tart Cherries | ABV 6.0%,

Sour Abbey: $6.50

Kettle Soured Abbey Ale with Blackberries, Raspberries, and Cherries | ABV 6.5%

To-Go Canned Beers

Blueberry Wheat 6-pack: $10.00

The Cold One 6-pack: $10.00

The Cold One 30-pack: $30.00

The Hoppy One 6-pack: $10.00

Dr. Pat’s DIPA 6-pack: $13.00

The Honeyed One 6-pack: $10.00

Habanero Hunny 6-pack: $7.00 *On Sale (reg 10.00)!

Puckerberry 6-pack: $16.00

Puckerberry 4-pack: $10.00

Pinkalicious 6-pack: $12.00

One Knight Stand 16oz Single: $10.00

Apra Kadabra 16oz Single: $7.00