Taproom Hours: Mon & Tues: 3:00pm-7:00pm | Weds: Noon-8:00pm | Thurs-Sat: Noon-9:00pm | Sun: Noon-7:00pm
Where is your taproom located?2018-01-25T16:05:22-07:00

Our taproom is located inside of The Windsor Gardener. You can find us at 6461 Hwy 392, Windsor CO 80550 on the corner of 392 and 17th Street.  You can find a map on our Contact Page.

Do you have anything other than beer?2018-01-25T16:04:03-07:00

We are a brewery, so we only serve High Hops Brewery beers.  We cannot sell wines or liquors.  Bringing in outside alcohol (wines, liquors, other brewery’s beers, etc.) is prohibited on our property.


Soon you’ll be able to enjoy crafted spirits from our upcoming addition of The Heart Distillery.

Do you ship your beer?2017-07-06T17:05:46-06:00

We do not ship our beer.  You are welcome to check your local shipping laws regarding mailing or shipping beer and ship at your own discretion.

Do you do private parties?2017-06-26T18:18:31-06:00

We do allow private parties to rent out space at our establishment.  For booking information, please e-mail kody@highhopsbrewery.com with information about your party including the potential date, number of persons attending, and if you are catering food.

We do not allow parties to set up tables/decorations/catered food without renting space.

Are you hiring?2017-06-26T18:15:09-06:00

We are currently not looking to add to our team, but we are always accepting resumes.  Please feel free to drop one off at your convenience.  If something opens up and we think you would be a good fit, we will contact you.


Do you sell kegs?2017-06-26T18:11:08-06:00

Yes, we do!

We do not fill outside kegs, but we will sell High Hops Brewery kegs with a refundable deposit.


Please give our taproom a call at (970)674-2841 to check availability.  We require 24 hours notice before pickup so we can check our stock and put one on hold for pick up.

Where can I buy your beer?2017-06-26T18:12:27-06:00

We distribute our products through Tivoli Distributing and American Eagle Distribution Co, meaning our beer can be found throughout Colorado in liquor stores, restaurants, and pubs.  If you can’t find us, ask your local establishments to carry High Hops Brewery’s beers – it is the most effective way for us to reach new stores and restaurants.

You can always find our cans and bottles inside our taproom in Windsor, Colorado.  We will also fill growlers of most of our beers on tap for you to take home and enjoy.

Do you serve food?2017-06-26T18:10:29-06:00

We do not have a kitchen in our establishment, but we have food trucks out Tuesday through Sunday. We also offer snack items through the taproom.

Food vendors usually show up in the afternoon (after 2:00), so we do not have lunch options often; however, you are always welcome to bring in your own food.

We ask that you do not cater food in to our establishment without reserving space.

Is your taproom kid/dog-friendly?2018-08-28T21:15:50-06:00

Kids and dogs are allowed at High Hops Brewery. We do have guidelines that must be followed while visiting our taproom and store in order for us to maintain a fun and safe environment for all of our guests.

  • Children are to remain with parents/adult guardians at all times. We ask that you keep them with you at your table.
  • Objects that can be thrown/tossed of any kind, or use of Remote Controlled toys are prohibited
  • Shoes and shirt required at all times – this is for the safety of our guests
  • No running, roughhousing, screaming or yelling
  • Respect our landscape and use proper trash receptacles
  • Keep pets leashed and with you outside on the patio, and clean up after them (dog waste bags are posted outside)
  • No outside alcohol allowed – Due to Colorado State Law, wine, liquors, and beer from other breweries is prohibited on-site.  It will be confiscated and you may be asked to leave.
  • Please use designated smoking area at smokers post
  • Dismount bicycles and other forms of transportation at parking lot

We serve house-made root beer and have a variety of games for children to play at your table.  We ask that our guests be respectful of our other patrons and our entertainers (musicians, comedians, trivia hosts, etc).

Do you have gluten-free options?2017-06-26T18:10:58-06:00

Yes, we do!  We have house-made root beer on tap, and usually offer kombucha (fermented tea).

We also offer gluten-free beers on rotation.  Check out what’s on tap now to see what’s available.