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Russian Imperial Stout – 13% ABV

We are SO EXCITED to announce the release of the VERY FIRST BEER WE BREWED ON OUR 30 BARREL BREW SYSTEM!!

We finished construction on our new brewhouse over a year ago in November 2017. This new facility houses our 30 barrel brewing system and our new 500-gal still for distilling spirits.  While we have since brewed a lot of 30bbl batches of beer on this system, One Knight Stand was the first. Go big, go bold, or go home, right?

This Russian Imperial Stout, riding in at 13% ABV, has since been aging it in bourbon barrels to impart courageous flavors of bourbon and oak, which can guarantee pleasure from head to toe. With one sip, this bold beer’s rich, dark body and creamy brown head will be a One Knight Stand that will call you back for a second try. 😏

We have a LIMITED EDITION glass to commemorate the release of this awesome beer. With the purchase of a ticket, you’ll receive a One Knight Stand stemmed glass and be among the first to try this insanely good beer before it releases to the public.

This sophisticated 13oz stemmed glass from Rastal boasts the best characteristics of both the tulip and the snifter styles. Its wide bowl allows room for swirling, while its tapered mouth captures and enhances aromas for an amazing nose. Its thin rim directs each sip to the proper location on your palate. A finely crafted vessel for appreciating the roasted malt and bold bourbon flavors One Knight Stand has to offer. Screenprinted white with the One Knight Stand logo on one side and the High Hops Brewery logo on the other side.

We only have 40 of these available to the public! Additional glassware will not be available for sale. This is the only way to get one for your collection!

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