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The musky room is filled with oak barrels obviously aging some beer and the sweet, malty smell permeates your nostrils causing your mouth to water uncontrollably. You must slake your thirst! As you inspect the container, a tap looks ready to dispense for you behind the barrel. Tempted, you crank the tap and amber liquor pours into your tankard and foam bubbles over. Thirsty, you raise the mug to your lips, ready to imbibe the delicious nectar. Just then, a shadow descends over you and the hair stands up on the back of your neck. As you slowly turn around, a horrific specter looks posed to tear your soul from your body. Roll for initiative! 🎲


Recently, Dungeons and Dragons has been in the spotlight. Long overdue for its day in the sun, 5th Edition D&D and its new player-friendly rules are prime for enjoyment among the curious and enthusiasts alike. Join us at High Hops Brewery Tuesday July 16th at 5pm for an evening hosted by Dustin Tanski, a nearly 40-year-long D&D player, who also happens to be the tasting room manager for The Heart Distillery.

We will discuss the concept of roleplay, 5th Edition character creation, and hopefully, actions in combat. Let’s drink beer and play! Free to join, get $1.00 off your first beer for playing!