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Join us for our 8th Annual Firkin Fest on Friday, February 14th where we’ll be tapping fourteen specialty small batch beers, including some throw-backs and some new specialty brews!

Gather some friends and put together a few taster trays to try all fourteen, or get a standard pour of your favorite Firkin on its own.

Very limited quantities of each beer will be available!


Firkin Fest is a celebration of small batch brews.  Here at High Hops Brewery, we’ve released a Firkin (5-gallon batch) of beer once a week for the last 7 years!  Sticking true to tradition, our 8th Annual Firkin Fest will unleash fourteen new firkins on the fourteenth of February. Please join us!



Sneak Peek at 5 of the 14 brews at the 2020 Firkin Fest:

Shake Dat 2.0 | Laffy Taffy Sour

Damiana Aphrodisiac Stout with Mint and Vanilla

The Devil’s Rejects | Blended Black Ale

Pilsner Grigio | Pale Lager Brewed with White Grape Must

XXX Habanero Honey (Extra Spicy)
Note: The Beer Garden will be 21+ only during this event.

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