Colorado Can Series

The Colorado Can Series®

In honor of Colorado’s rich beer culture, we at High Hops Brewery wanted to create a series featuring the best experimental beers to come through The Hop Hut, our taproom in Windsor, Colorado.

Featuring limited-edition, small batch beers that are as inspired and colorful as the state they were brewed in, we present the Colorado Can Series. These beers have been taste-tested and approved by our Hop Hut frequenters and loyalists, and pushed forward to be shared in cans throughout Colorado for the natives and newbies alike. Here is a tribute to our beautiful state and the beers that come out of it.

Coming 3/24/19:

Saison Pants

Pineapple Saison

Ohh… Who brewed with a pineapple in the brew-ree?
Fruity and yellow and delicious you see…
If enjoying a beverage is something you wish,
Then drink this saison and flop like a fish!
This delectable saison will have you singing in your bikini bottoms from the sweet undertones of delicious tropical pineapple!