Colorado Can Series

The Colorado Can Series®

The Colorado Can Series® is a beer series of limited edition canned releases. Each canned release contains one of our favorite beers we’ve brewed with one of our many different passions featured on the can. From the beer’s style & name to each can’s artwork, We’re excited to share the products of our passions with you!

Chaotic Newtral

Meet our ‘Grainswalker’, Chaotic Newtral. Without loyal alignment to either a Gose or a Hazy IPA, this “Wild Card” was kettle soured for 19 hours before adding a plethora of late addition hops. It was then dry-hopped with a touch of Mosaic and Cascade hops, and finally rested on tons of tart and tangy tangerines. 🍊

🃏 Chaotic Newtral – The Design
We’re all proud nerds here at High Hops Brewery. “Chaotic Newtral,” our New England Gose, is an homage to our brew crew’s favorite collectable card game. Our brewers, cellermen, designers, management, & others have bonded around this card game over the last several years, which helped create a strong group of friends that still plays together outside of work and into late weekend nights.

Chaotic Newtral releases on March 7, 2020.